The updated and revised version of the new Viking saltwater squid jigs include many similar features of the previous version, but now also feature brighter and richer colours, substantially stronger base material, a new cleaner and crisper coating layer, slightly revised squid eyes now facing sideways, and improved phosphorus paints.  The already highly popular all white Viking jig with green glow now has a brother featuring a vivid blue phosphorus finish.  The jigs have also been slightly rebalanced, applying a higher weight proportion to the bottom which in testing has increased sink rates by around 20%.   

The shape and design of the saltwater Viking jigs get you down to the ocean depths quickly.  The two unique coloured sides prove irresistible to hungry fish. The high quality luminous paint, holographic fish-like scales and erratic action has accounted for many trophy fish.  Suitable for medium to strong current conditions. 

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