Battle X Jig

Battle X Jig
Battle X Jig Battle X Jig Battle X Jig
Brand: Predator Research Laboratories
Product Code: Silver Bandit
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Predator Research

Battle X is an exceptional selection during calm and moderate currents.  The edges of its broad chassis are tapered to minimise water resistance during operation, and the raised ridge located slightly off centre towards it tail section augments the horizontal sliding action of the Battle X.

Besides enhancing its motion, these facets on its body also assist to dissipate flashes towards multiple directions to capture the attention of game fish.

The symmetrical construction provides this masterpiece with outstanding balance and stable performance, granting uniform sliding actions with every lift and drop of the rod.

Battle X works extremely well yo-yoed off the seabed to target bottom feeders. The bet technique is to employ steady, moderate retrieve coupled with intermediate jerking motions of the rod for this versatile bait to work it’s magic.

Currently available in 100 grams at Mad About Takcle in the following colours Blood Bandit, Ruby Waves, Tangerine Stripes, and Lavender Waves.


Size: 100 grams and 125mm in length

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