Bogeyman Jig

Bogeyman Jig
Bogeyman Jig Bogeyman Jig Bogeyman Jig Bogeyman Jig
Brand: Predator Research Laboratories
Product Code: Tangerine Stripes
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Predator Research Labs - Metal X Jigs

Bogeyman is a jig designed for fast and furious actions and is right at home when currents are swift.

The entire length of the body is tapered towards the edge to induce tight vibrating actions during rapid retrieve, mimicking an isolated baitfish fleeing from predation to trigger violent strikes from fishes on the hunt.

The upper body of the Bogeyman starts with a pointed edge from the tip to the midsection that transits gradually into a flatten profile towards the tail.

This architecture generates a wobbling action on the drop to replicate the action of an injured baitfish deceiving predators into thinking that Bogeyman is a vulnerable prey.

Currently available in 130 grams at Mad About Takcle in the following colours Blood Bandit, Silver Bandit, Tangerine Stripes, and Sapphire Shad.

Size:  130grams

Length:  125mm

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